The legal process can be complex and overwhelming. That’s why here at Parramatta City Legal, our job here is to make it clear and straightforward for you. We’ll explain everything in plain English and let you know about the likely outcomes of your case. 

Over the years, we’ve been specialising in the following: 

  • Personal injury and compensation claims  
  • Family law (children and parenting orders, property settlement) 
  • Conveyancing (legal process whereby the ownership of property is transferred from one person or entity to another)  
  • Wills, estate, probate and family provision (including preparing or contesting a will and handling disputes) 

Personal injury lawyer Holroyd

If you got injured because of someone’s negligence, let our team hear about it and we’ll immediately let you know about your full legal options. We’ll also immediately give you honest and realistic advice on how your claim will proceed. 

Within minutes of talking with us, you’ll better understand your rights and the legal proceedings about the following: 

  • Workers’ compensation (e.g. you sustained an injury in the course of your employment and such employment was a substantial contributing factor to your injury) 
  • Motor vehicle accident (it’s important to lodge a claim within 6 months of the accident) 
  • Public liability (e.g. slips and falls at a public or private location, dog attacks, sporting accidents) 
  • Professional and medical negligence (professional’s conduct resulted in a loss to the client) 
  • Total and permanent disability (you may be entitled to a significant lump sum benefit) 

As soon as possible after the unfortunate incident, it’s important to consult a lawyer because time limits might apply to lodging a claim. You can make a free initial appointment here and immediately you’ll know the next action you could take. 

Family law, conveyancing, wills and estates

Over the years, we’ve also helped people undergoing divorce about their property settlement as well as about the care of their children. We’ve also helped families about wills and estates (including preparing and contesting a will) as well as about the transfer of property ownership when purchasing or selling a property asset (this falls under conveyancing). 

We make the entire process smooth and efficient, so that individuals and families can still focus on other important matters (such as the transition of having a new life after the divorce or looking for a new place to stay). Our role here is to take care of the legal matters while letting our clients still understand what’s happening with the case. 

Free first appointment

Contact us today here at Parramatta City Legal and make a free first appointment. Immediately we’ll let you know about your full legal options and help you better understand your rights and the legal proceedings.