Legal cases can drag on for years. If you don’t want that to happen, the Parramatta City Legal team can help. 

Whether it’s about personal injury, family law, wills or property, we’ll take swift action and work hard to finally make it case closed. We understand that legal proceedings can take a serious financial and emotional toll, which is why we always do our best in shortening that time and helping our clients finally move forward as soon as possible. 

Defending people’s rights for years

Over the years, people from Greater Western Sydney have been coming to us about the following: 

  • Personal injury and compensation claims (workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accident, public liability, professional and medical negligence, total and permanent disability) 
  • Family law (putting the child’s physical and emotional needs first and determining how assets are to be divided) 
  • Conveyancing (legal process where property ownership is transferred from one person or entity to another) 
  • Wills, estate, probate and family provision (e.g. If you believe you have been unfairly excluded from a will or received an inadequate share, you may contest the will) 

You can make a free appointment with us so immediately you’ll know your legal options and understand the legal process. We apply a no win – no fee policy to all compensation claims and charge our professional fees at a rate that is proportionate to the final settlement. 

Personal injury and compensation claims Clyde

If you got injured due to someone’s negligence, you can consult us and let you know immediately and honestly whether your case has reasonable chances of success. 

Within a few minutes of talking with us, you’ll immediately better understand your rights and legal options about the following: 

  • Workers’ compensation (e.g. you sustained an injury in the course of your employment whether in a factory, workshop or warehouse, and such employment was a substantial contributing factor to your injury) 
  • Motor vehicle accident (it’s important to lodge a claim within 6 months of the accident)  
  • Public liability (e.g. slips and falls at a public or private location, dog attacks, sporting accidents) 
  • Professional and medical negligence (professional’s conduct resulted in a loss to the client) 
  • Total and permanent disability (you may be entitled to a significant lump sum benefit) 

We’ll handle the case with utmost efficiency and sensitivity. You can count on our team to defend your rights and help you better navigate the complicated legal process. 

Make an appointment here at Parramatta City Legal and within minutes of talking with us you’ll better understand your rights and the legal proceedings about your case. Whether it’s about personal injury, family law, wills or property, you’ll benefit from our experience and expertise.