Our NO WIN – NO FEE policy applies to all compensation claims that we run. We do not charge professional fees unless your claim is successful. At the commencement of your claim, we will provide you with a written Conditional Costs Agreement that sets out the terms of our retainer.

The Conditional Costs Agreement will set out in clear and simple terms, how we will calculate our fees and an estimate of how much it will cost to take your case to a final hearing. We will also provide an estimate of how much of your legal costs you will likely recover from the other side on the successful conclusion of your case. Most importantly, the agreement will confirm that recovery of our reasonable costs and disbursements will be subject to and conditional upon the successful completion of your claim.


At Parramatta City Legal, we adopt a policy of Costs Proportionality in every compensation claim that we run. That means that we charge our professional fees at a rate that is proportionate to the final settlement or verdict monies recovered for our clients. The policy reflects our commitment to ensure that justice is accessible to every man and woman, no matter what their socioeconomic background may be.

We understand that some people are confronted with life changing events that may affect their ability to earn an income. We help support people in such need by adopting a fee policy that reduces the risks of litigation to our clients. We take on the inherent risks and stresses associated with legal proceedings. That enables our clients to forget about the ongoing costs of running their case and focus on recovering their entitlements.


In appropriate cases, including family law matters, we allow our clients to enter into a fee arrangement which removes the strain of covering legal costs throughout the duration of legal proceedings. Rather than having fees billed on a monthly or quarterly basis, you can opt to pay all your legal costs and disbursements at the end of your matter, when you will be in a better position to pay. This arrangement is offered to clients on a case-by-case basis.