Claimant Achieves Healthy Lump Sum Payout

Ms P was a patron at a Western Sydney hotel. As she made her way to the toilet facilities a door within the premises collapsed and came crashing down upon her. Ms P sustained injuries to the lumbar spine, coccyx and legs.

Ms P immediately made arrangements to see a Solicitor at Parramatta City Legal. The immediate problem Ms P faced was that the owner of the hotel did not make any admissions about liability and would not agree to meet the cost of any treatment expenses. Accordingly, we arranged for Ms P to see one of our panel physiotherapists who provided the treatment on the basis that the fees would be payable at the conclusion of the matter.

We recognized the imperative issues on liability and urgently put the hotel on notice that the door and the hinges would need to be preserved so that forensic analysis could be carried out for the purposes of our client’s claim. The request was made under threat of Supreme Court action for any non-compliance. The hotel owner complied with our request.

A view of the hotel premises was subsequently arranged and our expert commissioned to prepare and furnish a report relating to the circumstances of the accident.

Ms P was desirous of a quick and easy settlement given that she had plans to relocate. Determined to meed our client’s needs we arranged for the urgent collation of all necessary medical and expert evidence and invited the public liability insurer to engage in an informal settlement conference.

We managed to resolve our client’s claim for a handsome lump sum without having to commence any court action. Ms P’s legal costs were fully paid from the settlement and she was able to secure her future by buying a residential property upon relocating.

The case once again demonstrates Parramatta City Legal’s commitment to serving its clients needs.